Welcome to the Maverick Rodeo Company Ranch. We hope you enjoy your stay here! We have been raising our own RODEO stock for over thirty years. While we may not paper our stock, we have watched the breeding very closely for the last thirty years to insure that only the best and most consistent animals were used in our family breeding program!

What has all of this selective breeding and years of experience been for? Well some say dynamite, some say electric and some say just dang good bucking entertainment. So when you need someone who can come in and keep your crowds on the edge of their seat, well we think we've got the thirty years behind us to help with that!

So are you ready to rodeo? Well give us a holler or drop us an email and we'll get with you as soon as we can!

If you would like more information about our breeding program please call us at 1-806-668-4458 and talk to Mrs. Pitt or leave a message for us to return your call. If you would like you can also email us at Maverick Rodeo.com

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Traveling the Rodeo Road

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Maverick Rodeo travels the rodeo road. We can bring a rodeo to any arena near you and can even help you build your arena. Do you want to put on an electric show? Do you want it to be a community friendly event? Then call us today 1-806-668-4458 and leave a message, we'll call you back as soon as we get in from taking care of the babies!

Development of a Tradition

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We started breeding our own Bovine in 1977 when we bought a couple of good retired rodeo bulls and bred them to some hot headed ranch cows. The result the Pitt Bulls. In 1979 when we realized we wanted to be stock contractors for a living we approached the bucking horses in much the same way. The results were a string of horses with a reputation of being in a class above their competition.

Strategy for Success

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Breed the most consistently producing females to the most consistent bucking males and hope and pray you get something that can have a long career packed full of dynamite! Sounds pretty simple, huh? We don't breed for papers, in fact we were breeding our horses about 20 years before a registry was even tried. We breed for performance, electricity, rankness, consistency and endurance, these animals have careers and make it on the Maverick Rodeo Truck.

Ranch Bronc riding was reintroduced by Maverick Rodeo Company at some of their rodeos in the 1990's. While it was still around at Ranch Rodeos it had been lost to time at regular rodeos. Ranch Bronc riding is not meant for the standard rodeo bronc rider, it is a staple for the ranch cowboys. Using a regulation saddle this is a throwback to a time when the cowboys had to break horses the hard way or be broken. Maverick Rodeo Company found this was a good way to test young horses. if they bucked good and honest in the Ranch Broncs and continued to buck then their future was bright.



“When I shoot a Maverick Rodeo Company Event there are two things to remember. First the action will be fast and furious, there is no wait until the bull riding here. Second, you're family just say yes sir and no ma'am and expect to be treated like you belong.”
-Philip Leimbach, Rodeo Photographer

Pitt Bulls by Maverick Rodeo Company
Maverick Rodeo Company
The Horsepower from Maverick Rodeo Company

Maverick Rodeo Crusaders

Crusader was our primary herd sire for a number of years. Rarely ridden and never scored below an 88 he has passed on a heck of a gift to his babies and grand babies.

Fred Pitt, Maverick Rodeo Company

Fred Pitt leads a grand entry parade. Putting on a quality entertainment extravaganza is what it's all about. Well that and the bucking stock.

Our livestock is actually our family. We care for them and treat them well. They are our pride and joy.

Maverick Rodeo Company Pitt bulls

Billy the Kid was a true outlaw, one of Crusaders first babies. He wasn't afraid to pick people off the fence just because he could. One of the baddest of the bad. Never scored below a 90 on the rare occasion he was ridden.

Maverick Rodeo Company, Tulia, Texas

Tulia, Texas USA

Maverick Rodeo Company Bucking Horses

Gideon was a first generation Shadrack colt. As honest as the day was long. If you could ride he'd take you to the pay window every time.

Maverick Rodeo Company Pitt bulls

A new generation of Pitt Bulls.

Maverick Rodeo Company Family

The Maverick Rodeo Company Family. Circa 2001.

Maverick Rodeo Company

Colts from our born to buck program, with over 30 years of breeding behind it.

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